We Don’t Deserve You, Priyanka Karki!

Priyanka Karki took to her Facebook page on Sunday and wrote something quite shocking. This is what she wrote:

[English Translation]

“For the people who make my heart cry:

Whenever I upload a new picture or share any of my new songs or music videos, why do you abuse me so much? Have I hurt you in any way? Have I offended you personally? ‘Hooker’, ‘slut’, ‘prostitute’…. using such words gives you pleasure, right? Does it feel like you have accomplished something great? We artists work hard day and night, sometimes for the shoot of a film and sometimes for an event. We don’t care about Dashain, Tihar or any other festivals and reach Qatar, Malaysia and Australia just to entertain you. Why do we do that? Just to receive such negative criticisms? Imagine how much it might hurt us.

Don’t you have daughters and ladies at your home? Just think about it once, what if someone used such words for your sister, mother, sister-in-law or daughter; how would you feel? That’s exactly how my father, mother, brother and other family members must feel like as well. Sometimes my mother calls me to tell me ‘Dear, somebody has commented something very bad on your photo. Delete it.’ How upset she must get about it.

If you don’t like me, I request you not to even visit my page. It’s better you block me but please do not leave such lewd comments.

The respect of national artists starts from the nation itself. If we don’t, who will?

Just wanted to say that much.

Thank You.”


No, that’s not it yet. She even posted the screenshots of some lewd comments and said, “Just sharing some of these. It will take forever if I take screenshots of all of such comments.”

comment 1

comment 2 comment 3

comment 4

Here’s what we have to say to her:

Dear Priyanka, you are one of the few Nepali actors who actually take their work seriously and take pride in doing what they do but we regret to let you know that seems like you made a mistake to return from Unites States with a determination to do something at home. You must have realized by now that the people would shame the artists if they leave the country and on the other hand, they would shame you anyway even if you stay back and do your best to uplift the level of not only yourself but the industry as well. You know what the problem is? It’s just that we don’t deserve a hardworking, determined and dedicated artist like you. That’s it, we don’t DESERVE you.

You buy a car and people blame you that you stole the money from donation to buy it. What they don’t see is the hard work you’ve been doing to live a life you’ve desired of. Somebody posts a video of you travelling in a car in the UK with some music playing in the background and the people abuse you that you are enjoying while the people back home are struggling with the earthquake. What they don’t see is that you’re there to perform at events to raise the money for the victims. A well known journalist blames you on national television for your failed marriage and questions the way you dress up. It’s not even only about you, they drag your family into it as well. Your brother gets married and like any other sister, you post a happy picture of the family but the people have to ruin one of the best moments of your life with their extremely racist comments. And remember the time when one of the the dozens of cameras in an event, probably someone waiting for such a moment to take place, took a picture of your innerwear and then you were blamed that you showed it intentionally to stay in headlines? Wow! You’ve been through so many of such torturous incidents in such a short period of your career. But you’ve always come out stronger and more motivated than ever. And you’ve shut everyone’s mouth with your work and that very attitude is what makes you who you are today. Hundred thousands of people love you dearly for being exactly who you are and you definitely don’t need to change because of the opinions of a couple of dozen people who are actually not frustrated with you but their own existence. Sometimes it might feel like you made a mistake and sacrificed so many things and people to become who you are today but believe us when we say, you’re one of the best things ever happened to Nepali cinema. We are proud of you and we want you to stay the way you are.

You keep on rocking, girl!

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