5 Reasons Somebody Should Make A Dance Movie With ‘Cartoonz Crew’. Kollywood, Take Note.

We’ve been observing the progress of Cartoonz Crew for a couple of years now and what we can tell about them for sure is that they have been able to prove to be the most consistent, hard working and creative dance crew in Nepal. We definitely think that it’s time Kollywood takes a step forward and make a dance movie with this awesome crew. Why? Well, we’ll give you five reasons.

1. A new genre on screen


It’s great to see that Nepali cinema has been able to come up with new ideas in recent years and has been able to attract the audience to some extent. A lot of new genres have been introduced in Nepali cinema but a dance movie has never been made. We’re sure that the audience will want to watch a movie of this genre.

2. The crew is popular already


The Cartoonz Crew are undoubtedly one of the most popular dance crews in Nepal. Most of their videos instantly go viral online. Their dance cover of ‘Jaalma’ has over a million views on YouTube already. This popularity will surely work in favor of the film.

3. They’re creative


The crew is creative enough to come up with a new idea every single time. They don’t only dance but thoroughly entertain their audience.

4. They are good actors as well


Not only good dancers but each of the crew member is a good actor as well. Their expressions are always on point.

5. They are versatile


They don’t only write and choreograph their acts themselves but even shoot and edit their videos as well. Their other talents might as well be utilized by the filmmaker.


Filmmakers  who like to think out of the box instead of using the same formula of “chaar geet, paanch fight scene” should definitely consider making a dance movie with these awesome dancers. The chances are high that the film will work.

Here’s their live dance performance of ‘Jaalma’.

Watch their other videos on YouTube HERE. Comment below if you would like to see them feature in a dance movie.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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