We’ve Proved It Again: Nepalese Can Get Offended About Anything, Just ANYTHING! Facepalm!!

If there was an event in Olympic Games in which the winner would be the one who can get offended about anything, like literally anything, Nepal would definitely win a Gold medal in it. Like seriously, we are so experts at easily getting offended that the National Pastime of Nepal should be ‘Getting Offended’. And once again we’ve successfully succeeded in proving that no one else can defeat us in this game.

So this is what happened: On March 7, Jack Douglass, an American YouTuber/Comedian with over 2.1 million subscribers, uploaded a video titled ‘Top 10 WORST Flags in The World’ featuring his friend Erik, in which the two basically got drunk and gave some of the stupidest reasons why these 10 flags are the worst in the world. And as you must have guessed it already, the list also included the Nepalese flag and the reason was “it’s not flag-shaped”. Okay! That’s a pretty stupid reason, like they wanted it to be but, yes BUT, some of the so called ‘super-patriotic’ Nepalese got so offended that they made it one of the most ‘disliked’ videos on Jack’s channel.

jack 2

What they failed to understand was that the video was intended to be stupid and funny; which is called ‘humor’. The list included the flag of Greenland because it is not green in color. Yes, you read that right, because it’s not GREEN in color. Dude, by that very point only, you should totally understand what the video is about. But hell no, some people got so offended that they had to leave some of the most disgusting comments without even understanding what’s going on. Read some of them here.

jack 3

jack 4

jack 5

jack 6

Let’s just not even talk about English for now. These people didn’t only curse him but even gave him death threats and warned him not to come to Nepal ever or he will be killed. Sigh! So, for the first time since he joined YouTube in 2006, he had to actually make a separate video to tell the people that the video was a joke and there is no reason to get offended. On March 25, he uploaded a video titled “I’m so sorry, Nepal (Your Grammar Sucks #107)”. He even apologized and said that he actually likes the Nepalese flag. And at the end, in his own style, he advised the ‘offended’ people to look up a term in the dictionary. This is the word:

jack 7

Call us ‘Desh Drohi’ or anything you want to but this is what we want to say to Jack: “We are sorry, Jack. Please do visit Nepal someday and give us an opportunity to show you what Nepal and Nepalese are actually about. We are nothing like the people who abused you online. Keep up the good work and keep making people laugh. You are doing an amazing job. Best wishes.”

Watch the two videos below.

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