This Nepali Artist Deserves A Standing Ovation, Like Right Now!

Some people are so talented that they blow our minds every single time they do or create something. On one hand, we instantly become speechless and find no words to praise their works; and on the other, we become jealous of them that we would never be able to be like them. Today we shall talk about one such artist who definitely is one of the bests you’ve come across.

Sanil Chitrakar who is originally from Bagbazar, Kathmandu currently resides in Yokohama, Japan since nine years. The 33-year old businessman owns a restaurant and despite of his extremely busy schedule, he takes out some time and creates some amazingly beautiful arts. The self taught artist always had a keen interest in drawing since his childhood days. He never went to an art school but he was so much into art that he spent hours everyday to groom his talent. Now a successful restauranteur, he wakes up very early in the morning each day to follow his passion for art. Here we bring you some of his amazing sketches. Take a look and let us know which one is your favorite.

1. Colored pencil sketch of Leonardo DiCaprio, Actor



2. Colored pencil sketch of Brad Pitt, Actor

brad pitt


3. Colored pencil sketch of Drew Barrymore, Actress

drew berrymore


4. Colored pencil sketch of David Beckham, Footballer



5. Pencil sketch of Lionel Messi, Footballer



6. Pencil sketch of Shristi Shrestha, Miss Nepal 2012


7. Color pencil sketch of Niti Shah, Model



8. Charcoal pencil sketch of Jyotsna Yogi, Model



9. Pencil sketch of Angelina Jolie, Actress



10. Pencil sketch of Tyrion Lannister, Game of Thrones character

tyrion lannister


12. Pencil sketch of Messi, Neymar & Suarez, Footballers



13. Ball pen art of Taylor Swift, Singer

taylor swift


Wow! Don’t they all look so real? Sanil, we are so jealous of you! You are one heck of an artist!

Take a look at his other works on his Facebook and Instagram handles.



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