Watch: Guy Tries To Steal A Blind Man’s Money, Gets Owned By A Soldier

Would you try and help a stranger if you see them getting robbed or being ill-treated in front of you? And what would you do if you see someone stealing from a visually impaired person? To know what the people around would do in such situation, the pranksters fromĀ Royal Jack decided to do a social experiment. They walked around Kathmandu and acted like a guy is stealing from a blind man to see how the people would react.

It’s so good to see that almost all the people raised their voice against injustice and helped the person. The prankster, at one time, almost gets beaten by a soldier. Watch the video below and comment what would you do if you see a similar situation. Would you stand up for a stranger? Be honest.

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Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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