Vote For This KIND Cause To Help Bookmandu Empower Girls In Rural Nepal

Bookmandu Nepal, a non-profit organization, have applied for the KIND cause funding and you can help them win and receive a fund of $10,000. The organization plans to help the impoverished girls in Dhading district in receiving education. They will also be conducting life skill trainings for them. In order to empower the women of the community, various awareness programs have also been planned.

Read the excerpt of Bookmandu’s answers to some of KIND’s questions.

What is your cause and how will it make the world kinder?

We, Bookmandu, as a non-profit seek to encourage rural community to have girls continue their school and further their education. Education is the key to learning about our basic rights, access to opportunities and be independent. Especially for girls in rural Nepal who are still fighting for their rights to education but are compelled by the “set up societal norms” to follow the constructed gender roles that pushes them to limit themselves most of the time, we intend to be their voice by assisting them with continuing their education. We plan on building an awareness campaign that includes leadership workshops, and skill oriented trainings, mainly focused on young girls and women of the community.

How will you use the $10k?

If funded with $10k, we’re going to hit the ground with our team right away starting with Dhading district. Massively affected by the earthquake plus the low women literacy rate, we will recruit trainers, volunteers and social workers and outreach the villages of Dhanding. We will collaborate with the VDCs (village development committees), local authorities, and the community to co-ordinate skills training and awareness programs. The awareness program will focus on the importance of education for a girl child. In addition, there will be skill oriented training for the women which includes sanitation, nutrition, basic hygiene and women’s health. These workshops will be presented using various technique and models, unlike traditional way of lecture.

What impact do you hope to make?

With the awareness campaign and skill based trainings, we hope to see the inclination in the numbers of girls attending schools. With the skill based training programs, women are aspired to open their own small business. Besides, each village will be able to have their own public libraries as a resource. Taking a person in environment approach, it’s vital that we not only educate the girls but their family and the community to attain desired goals of empowerment. For this, we plan to build an awareness campaign with our team of volunteers and social workers. As soon as we have the funding, we plan to outreach rural parts of Nepal. Our first village would be Dhading district.

You can vote for the cause HERE.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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