Recipes: Veg & Non Veg Momo With Jhol Achar

Momo must be the the most amazing creation in the history of mankind, like seriously! Don’t we all just love momos? I mean, eating them, as cooking them might be quite a hard work for anyone. But today, there’s no going back. On this auspicious day of, um ‘today’, we have brought you the video recipes of veg and non veg momos along with super yummy Jhol Achar. Making a momo is an art, let’s all be an artist today. Here you go!

Veg Momo Recipe:

Non-Veg Momo Recipe:

Jhol Achar

Jaaneu ni? Now start cooking! Do send us the pictures on our Facebook page and we might publish them. Talking about the chef, Anup Bajracharya is based in USA. Subscribe to his YouTube channel HERE to see some of his other recipes. Yetro thulo vai sakeu, ajhai pakauna jannu pardaina? Enjoy cooking! Om Nom Nom!

Cover Photo: Foodmandu


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