Ever Wondered Why Anmol KC is The Most Hated Nepali Celebrity? Here’s The Answer

Gay, Bhuwan KC’s daughter, girly are some of the many names Anmol KC has been given by the people on social media. There’s no doubt that there are more number of his trolls and memes than the stars in the sky. But have you ever wondered why do people, more particularly guys, hate him so much? Is it because he can’t act well? Or is it because he isn’t muscular? Nope, the reason is something else.

BAD ACTOR? Do you really think that he is hated because he is not a very good actor? Think once again. Let’s be honest, we don’t have a very huge number of good actors in the Nepalese Film Industry. We can count in fingers the number of actors who are good at what they do. But nobody gives a sh** about the others who can’t act well. Right? So, this is not the reason.

BAD APPEARANCE? He is not very muscular but we can’t actually say that he looks like a girl. If he actually didn’t look good, not so many girls would be so attracted to him. Hoina Ra? So, this is also not the reason.

Now, think of a situation: You’re a guy in your 20s or 30s, still trying to figure out what you’re going to do with your life and still trying to date a girl and suddenly out of nowhere, this one kid comes and does a film and damn, he becomes popular as f*** and every single girl wants him. What would your reaction be? Won’t you just hate that guy to the core? You probably got your answer.

A young guy who is hardly 22 is probably the most popular man in the nation (he topped the list of Kantipur Saptahik’s Nepal’s most attractive men this year) and is already making more money than probably you would ever make, as just two films old and he is apparently the highest paid Nepali actor for his upcoming film Gaajalu. Every girl you know, and even your own girlfriend (if you have one) wants him. So what would you do? You would start making fun of him. You would make his trolls and start calling him names. Because, there’s nothing else you can do to match his level. Bravo!

Did that hurt? Ouch!


Note: You would probably call the author of this article gay or a loser as well, but you know what, if that’s what you call a person who respects other people and don’t envy their success, it’s totally fine. Good luck with your life though!


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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