This Winter: Buy Yourself A Beautiful Photograph And Save A Life

Even after eight months of 7.8M earthquake, Nepal has not been able to stand back on her feet. And to add to the misery, the economical blockade which is now in its fourth month, has made sure that this Himalayan nation and her people suffer even more. The circumstances have worsen by this freezing cold weather and the most vulnerables are the earthquake survivors who are still living under temporary shelters. Around two dozen people have already lost their battle against this fatal winter and the death toll is sure to rise. Waiting for the government to do something to save those innocent lives is nothing but fantasy and so the ‘Ghumante’ photographers along with The Shutter Stories Nepal and Lincs2Nepal have come up with a beautiful idea of selling their photographs to help those in need. Each photographs which costs Rs. 4000 are 12×18 inches in size and come with a beautiful wooden frame. The photographs are being delivered in Kathmandu, Pokhara, Damauli and Nepalgunj. You can buy a photograph even if you are away from these cities or even abroad but you will to pay an extra charge for the courier service. You have a huge gallery to select from as 11 amazing photographers are behind this wonderful campaign. The team had recently went to Bhimire in Dhading to distribute large sized blankets to 60 households.

Ghumante team distributing blankets in Bhimire

Buy a beautiful photograph for yourself which will add to the charm of your house, while a needy family will have a warm blanket to sleep under. Please remember, you are not only buying a beautiful piece of art for yourself but you are buying a life for someone.

Visit Ghumante’s Facebook page – HERE to select yourself a photograph from a huge gallery. Below are the cellphone numbers of the photographers if you have any queries or would like to order via phone.

Prakash: 9818444949
Sumit: 9851239005
Avash: 9851141617
Dakshina: 9843376717
Rishav: 9818986988
Tsujan: 9815140787
Bikas: 9806767206
Niraj: 9817959282

Suraj: 347-757-2850

Happy Shopping!

Cover Photo Gallery By: Rishav


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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