Find Out What Are The New Year’s Resolutions of Some of Your Favorite Models

We are about to step into 2016 and many of you might have already planned what would you like achieve in the new year. Making plans of how you would like to spend the year and how you would bring some positive changes in your lifestyle is definitely a good way to start a new year. Making some resolutions for the new year is a common trend and many of us do that. Let’s find out what are the new year’s resolutions of three of the most celebrated female Nepalese models and how good they actually are at keeping their resolutions.

1. Aditi Bhudhathoki


I have quite a long list of New Year’s resolutions this year. To be honest, 2015 was not a very good year for me and to make sure 2016 doesn’t go the same way, I have resolved to do quite a lot of things to make myself happy, which include not to trust anyone, not be an emotional fool, not to fall in love but date a hot guy (wink), work hard to achieve my goals, gain more self confidece, help other people, live in peace and try not to have any hard feelings for others. Phew! I think that would be all. Now talking about how good I have been so far at keeping my resolutions, I had resolved not to lose my temper and try to conrol my anger; and as far as I know I succeeded in doing that last year. So, I am happy to say that I am good at keeping my resolutions and I hope I would be able to do the same this year as well, the list is kind of long though.

2. Niti Shah


I will be honest, I am very bad at keeping my resolutions; but this year I’m going to keep them well. I resolve to go to gym on a regular basis and eat healthy. Yoga will be my top most priority in order to keep myself healthy and fit. I’m a big time foodie and I really need to exercise regularly to be in a perfect size. Last year, I did join the gym but ended up going for less than 10 days. This year I’ll make sure I keep my resolutions.

3. Paramita RL Rana


I am a person who anticipates changes quickly. For me, I don’t have to wait for a new year to start a new positive change in life. When change is needed for my betterment, I don’t hesitate even a bit and do what’s good for me. However, my intuition tells me that 2016 is the year for me as I am looking forward to many amazing things in life which I am very passionate about. For starters, recently I have entered the world of Nepali film industry. Now acting is something I am very passionate about. Since my school days, I used to take part in various different theater plays – Nepali and English. I have a natural knack for acting and I enjoy it to the fullest. This year I am willing to be bigger and better. Also, I plan to participate in Miss Nepal pageant and I am focused, determined and know exactly what I want in life. As always I am going to be very dedicated, passionate and career oriented in what ever I do and give my best. Ambitious is the word which describes me best. And last but not the least, I hope to inspire young people in achieving their dreams.

How about you? What is your resolution for 2016? Do comment below.

Photos: Anjil Maskey, Calvin Gurung

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