8 ‘Avatars’ of Sipora Gurung That Make Her A Perfect Role Model

Sipora Gurung celebrates her birthday today on December 29th and on this special occasion, allow us to introduce you to eight of the different avatars of one of the most influential and inspiring Nepalese people.

1. Star Volleyball Player


One of the many identities of Sipora and the one which is the most close to her heart, is a volleyball player. Started playing at a very early age, she was the youngest player in 10th Asian Games held in Sri Lanka, where she represented Nepal at the age of 13. Everything was going good and she was at the peek of her career when at the age of 18, she had to go through a major surgery after her knee was badly injured during a match. She had to stay out of the court for a couple of years but she is one of those people who never give up and never lose hope. Thanks to her dedication and determination, she is now very active in the sport again.

2. Actress


Sipora debuted in the film industry with ‘Ghalek’, a Nepali language film based on Gurung culture. Her second film titled ‘Yamphawati: The Princess’ is currently under post production. What made the headlines about the film earlier this year was the payment she received to work in this film. A whopping Rs. 6 Lakhs were paid to her, making her the highest paid Nepali actress.

3. Miss Nepal 2013 – 3rd Runner-up & Miss Talent


In 2013, she took part in Nepal’s most prestigious beauty pageant – Miss Nepal, where she not only made it to the Top 5 but also bagged the title of Miss Talent for her beautiful dance performance.

4. Graceful Dancer


It’s obvious that she is a good dancer as for the very talent she was able to win the title of Miss Talent in Miss Nepal 2013. She often performs at events in Nepal and abroad.

5. Stunning Cover Girl & Showstopper


Sipora has been the cover girl of various magazines so far and we definitely don’t need to tell how beautifully she has graced every single one of those covers. She also has walked the ramp of many fashion events as the showstopper.

6. Enterprenuer


She owns a popular clothing line – Mfashionista and has plans to open its branches in some of the major cities all over the nation.

7. Social Activist

social activist

It might be hard to believe how a person so young can be so much involved in social work and charities. From financial donations to being physically present to volunteer, Sipora has always been a helping hand for a good cause. Right after the nation was hit by the devastating quake, she traveled to some of the most affected places to provide relief materials.

8. Adrenaline Junkie


After finding out everything about Sipora, you must be wondering where she gets all that energy from to get all these works done. And the answer is, she takes a break from all her works once in a while just to travel and explore new places. She loves to visit new places and to find out exciting things about them. There must be very few places in Nepal where she still has to visit; and she also has traveled across more than half a dozen of the nations.

A beautiful person with a sharp brain and a golden heart, Sipora Gurung is everything that a person wants to become someday in their life. We wish this wonderful human being a very happy birthday and we hope (we actually know) she will give us many more reasons to write about her. You too wish her in the comments section below.

We’ll leave you with some of her photographs.







Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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