8 Times Nisha Adhikari Proved She is Living Her Life Like A Boss

We don’think anybody would have any doubts if we say that Nisha Adhikari is the most ‘kickass’ Nepalese celebrity. She doesn’t live her life in anyone else’ terms. She is a strong and independent Nepali woman who is a beauty queen, model, VJ, movie star, mountaineer, social activist and an amazing human being.

Here we present you the flashback to eight times when she proved that she is living her life like a boss.

#1. Beautiful Beauty Queen


Nisha won the title of Miss Nepal International along with Miss Personality title in 2005. She represented Nepal at Miss International pageant in Japan later that year.

#2. Tremendous Television Personality


After becoming the beauty queen, she started her TV career in 2006 and became part of many successful shows like Indi Mini Bag, Countdown Kantipur, Some More, Gharbeti Ba and Play It On.

#3. Marvellous Movie Star


After living her dreams of becoming a beauty queen and ruling the television, she hit the silver screen with her debut film ‘Mission Paisa’ in 2009. In 2012, she played the role of a homosexual in ‘Soongava’, a role not every actor can dare to play. The film was Nepal’s official entry for the Ocsars in Best Foreign Langauge Film category in 2013.

#4. The First Nepali Actress to Climb Mount Everest

It was May 21st, 2013 when Adhikari created a history by becoming the first Nepali actress to climb the highest mountain of the world – Mount Everest.

#5. Knows When & How to Break The Silence


Earlier this year the rumors of her break-up with cricketer boyfriend Sharad Vesawkar spread like a wildfire when she suddenly left for USA. A couple of days later she slammed the rumors like a boss when she shared the news of their split-up published with the title ‘Sharad gets run out in Nisha’s love’ by a leading newspaper and wrote, “Seems like ‘this’ newspaper has got run out. Sharad and me are still in the same team. A national daily’s credibility should me more than other online news portals. Isn’t it so?”

#6. Went Bald For A Beautiful Cause


She broke the internet in Nepal earlier this year in July when she shared a photograph of her sporting a bald look. We later found out that she donated her hair to make wigs for small children. Aww!

#7. Climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro For A Great Cause



Adhikari scaled the highest mountain of Africa – Mt. Kilimanjaro earlier this month. The best thing about her summit was the cause she climbed the mountain for, which was to raise money to buy blankets and warm clothes for the impoverished children. Wow!!

#8. A Daredevil Adventurer





How many of us can take a selfie with tigers which are not inside any cage? Yes, that’s Nisha Adhikari for you. These are the pictures from her recent African Wildlife Safari.

Nisha is definitely a role model for not only Nepalese ladies but for everyone around the world. She knows what she wants from her life and doesn’t care about being judged. She does what she has to do. And that’s what makes her what she is today. We are proud of you Nisha! You go girl!!

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Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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