Soul Mates: Love Story of Sarun Tamrakar & Payal Shakya

Don’t you sometimes see a couple and immediately think that they are just perfect? You might become jealous of them or be happy for them but one thing is for sure that you will agree that the two could not look any better with anyone else in this world. Today we are going to tell you the love story of one such couple. There’s no doubt that they make the most loved and most adored Nepalese celebrity couple. From the day they first met to the first child they were blessed with, this is the beautiful love story of The Uglyz Frontman Sarun Tamrakar and Miss Nepal 2004 Payal Shakya.


The story starts from the year 2004 – one of the most important years for Sarun and Payal both — when she was crowned Miss Nepal and he had come to Nepal to release his very first album titled ‘Rush’.

Still from Madzone’s music video ‘Keti Timi’

The two were introduced by a common friend named Sachin from Samjhana Audio Video during a meeting where Payal had come to discuss about her new music video and Sarun to discuss about his album. The two then started meeting very often unintenionally at the same place where they used to be present for their own professional activities with Sachin.


The two along with Sachin attended a singer’s wedding after few days and the gossip of the two dating started flooring on the newspapers next day. Payal was upset about it as they were just friends then. Sarun started avoiding her when he came to know about it because he thought she might get hurt again if he’s around her.


But as they say that the matches are made in heaven and you can’t help it but fall in love with the one who you are destined to live with. The two happened to meet again at an event of a band’s music album where he came to know about her email address when she gave it to a reporter.

The internet played quite a role in these two’s relationship. He started emailing her and the two started sharing about each other’s activities just every single day. The two started meeting as well and finally came to know that they actually have fallen for each other.


He had come to Nepal for his album launch and was supposed to stay for a couple of months only. But it had already been two years and he had to leave for Australia now or otherwise he could encounter problems with his visa. But the two were so much into each other that it was not possible for them to stay far and that’s when he proposed her to come along with him. She was on peak of her career and couldn’t just leave everything to go with him but that’s what she did because sometimes it’s better to listen to your heart than the brain.

After the couple’s final decision to fly together to Sydney, the families of the two gathered in a small ceremony where the they got engaged. The year was 2006.

The two had already become soulmates but it was 21st November 2011 when they got married and made the vow to become each other’s for the lifetime.


The biggest day of their life arrived recently on August 8th when they were blessed with a baby boy who has been named Sahas Ratna Tamrakar.


Sarun and Payal look like a perfect couple and they actually are but that doesn’t mean that they don’t quarrel at all or don’t get angry with the other. They quarrel with each other, they fight with each other, they love each other and they trust each other. They are best friends and they are together most of the time. If you see one of them in an event, you will definitely see the other as well.

These two set your expectations too high, don’t they? They do give you some beautiful relationship goals.See some of their most memorable moments in photographs.










Photos: Kewal Rai, Raj Photography, MN TV,Kundan Tamrakar


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