Learning An Art Called ‘Getting A Life’

Nepal celebrated Fathers’ Day yesterday. Just like everybody else’s Facebook newsfeed, mine too were filled with the posts of this beautiful occasion to honor the real life ‘Superheroes’. Most of my friends had posted pictures of their fathers with some very sweet captions to express what they mean to them. It was good to see their pictures, many of whom I have not met in years and to see how they look like now. I even saw the pictures of my friends’ fathers whom I’ve never met and always wondered how they look like. It’s quite normal to wonder how your close friends’ parents look like and so it’s good to see their photos even if you can’t meet them. What can possibly be wrong about it and what kind of people might get pissed off seeing their pictures, right? But there’s always this breed of Facebookers who have to find a negative way to look at anything, like just ANYTHING. So, along with those lovely posts; there were many other posts which talked against this trend saying it’s just drama and all or why should people show love on Facebook. First things first: it’s a social networking website and people share about their personal, professional and social lives. Just like in real life, it depends on the individual what they choose to share with others. Some people love to talk more than the others. So when they talk about their families and friends on Facebook, it’s because they want to and others don’t need to get offended for that. What else do you expect people to do on Facebook? Tell you how to spice-up your boring life? How to kill your boss without getting caught? How to win a lottery or how to build a time machine? Just because you like football doesn’t mean everyone should only talk about it, not any other sport.

Okay, leave about people’s certain interests and all that. I guarantee you if nobody wrote anything about Father’ Day, the very people would have said, “Nobody cares about their parents. If it was Valentines’ Day, everybody would write about it.” You see my point here? Those kind of people only want to be unique. They just have to be different from all the others, no matter if they make any sense or not.

Then there are people who say that people should not love their parents only once a year, but everyday. Duh! Who ever said that they should only love their parents on Fathers’ or Mothers’ Day? You might be shocked to know and you might not believe this but you don’t actually need to tell people that they should always wash their hands but not only on Global Handwashing Day on October 15th. These occasions are celebrated so that no matter in which corner of the world you are in or no matter how busy you are, you have to take some time out and let your loved ones know what they mean to you. This doesn’t mean that all the people should always express their love on social media and it’s totally up to an individual whether they would like to or not.

If you really want to change the world; do some very small yet important things in real life such as if you see someone littering, stop them. If you see someone abuse or beat a street child for no reason, ask them not to. These kind of things can actually bring a good change in the society; talking about others’ social media posts won’t. In short, get a life buddy!

Cover Photograph: Beni Waiba


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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