In Conversation With Kay Dangol | First Nepalese Female Natural Bodybuilder

Kanchan Dangol, more popularly known as Kay Dangol, who hails from Nuwakot is a UK based Nepalese natural bodybuilder and fitness model. She has been in this sport for a couple of years but she has been becoming a popular name recently after winning the major titles of Ms. ‘Bikini Short (Class A)’ and ‘Bikini Overall’ at the Miami Pro European Championships held in London on July 5th. But this was not the first time she won some titles at an international competition. She won the titles at Total Fitness Extravaganza (TFE); Pure Elite Overall Winner and Miss Bikini Peterborough 2013 before entering the Miami Pro Championships.

She is currently the only Nepalese female bodybuilder to be in this sport. We talked about her journey so far and her plans for the future. Find out her story from herself.

Namaste! I would like to congratulate you on shining at Miami Pro European Championships on behalf of the NeoStuffs family and our readers.

Thank you very much.


How do you feel?

I feel great and I am surprised and very obliged by the positive support that I have been getting from Nepalese people.





What makes you busy these days?

Just my regular stuff like work, training, cardio, etc.


Are you preparing for some other competitions as well?

Yes, I am preparing to compete at World Beauty Fitness & Fashion (WBFF) and UK Bodybuliding And Fitness Federation (UKBFF) competitions.



Please tell us about your journey so far in this sport.

Well, I started to compete since 2013 as a ladies tone figure. Mr. & Miss Apollo was my first ever competition and I managed to obtain the second place which inspired me to practice even harder to participate at many other shows. But I was scared to tell my family or any Nepalese about my competitions as I knew that they would not like to see a Nepalese girl wearing a bikini and walking the stage. So I was compelled to hide about my competitions and go through everything alone but I never gave up on my dream. I carried on and followed my path because I knew that this is what I want to do in my life and I wanted to be around positive minded people. I even had to set up a new Facebook account so that i could only be friends with people with same mentality as mine. It’s sad that the Nepalese ladies, no matter where they live and what position they are in, they still have to worry about what the society  is going to say about their every move. But that didn’t stop me as I did not just want to sit there and watch others achieve their dreams. I have been working even harder this year and I have been able to win two overall trophies in two different competitions within a month.


What is your daily routine like? How many hours do you spend at the gym?

I wake up at 6 in the morning and do cardio and have my breakfast. Then I prepare my meal for the day and go to work. I work out after finishing work and come home to have my dinner. That’s pretty much how my daily routine is like.



And what is your diet and meal plan like?

I follow a strict diet plan. My first meal consists of oatmeal and four eggs and I have chicken breast with salad for my second meal. Meal no. three consists of turkey breast with brown rice followed by protien shake. I have white fish with broccoli for dinner and drink casein protein shake before going to bed.


You are currently the only Nepalese female bodybuilder competing at the international competitions. What do you think is the reason that there are no other Nepalese woman doing what you do?

It has to be something to do with our culture. They might be worried what others would think about them. I might be wrong here but this is what I used to think.



Who has been your greatest support so far and how?

My buddy Peter Garay who is a well known natural bodybuilder himself. Everything I am today is because of him. I started to go to gym with him and he taught me how to use all the equipments and teach me the right techniques. He is a great leader and always inspires me to push even harder.


What do you intend to do in the future so that Nepalese females too can come ahead in this field?

I would like to be a well known name in the international fitness scene so that they can take me as an example and feel like ”if she can, why can’t I?” I am also planning to start a youtube channel and keep my workout videos to train them how to workout at home or in a gym. I want to make them believe that we all have a great inner power. You have to be hungry to achieve something and then you can definitely reach where you want.



What is your advice for the ladies who want to get into this sport?

Do not be afraid to lift weight. Don’t worry that you would look manly if you lift weight. Just believe in yourself and you are closer to your destination. Know that there is something inside you which is greater than the obstacles.


What would you like to say to all the dreamers out there who want to achieve something in life?

Stay focused, always believe in yourself and never give up.



What do you like to say to your well wishers?

Don’t be afraid of being different, be afraid of being the same as everyone else.


Thank you very much for your time. We wish you all the best for the future competitions.

My pleasure. Thank you!



Watch a video clip of her stage appearance at Miami Pro.

Photos: Matt Marsh


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