“I Donated My Hair to Make Wigs For Kids”: Nisha Adhikari

Actress Nisha Adhikari almost broke the internet in Nepal last week when she posted the above picture of her. The new bald look of hers had everyone guessing why she did that. Some people guessed that it might be for a movie and some even thought that she might had some hair problem and she did so to get rid of it. The truth has been spoken by herself now. She posted a new photograph of her on Monday and the comments on her post started pouring down heavily, everyone giving their opinions and guesses as well. With all the positive and negative comments, Nisha finally commented to reveal the reason behind going bald. Here’s her unedited comment:

“Hahahahahahaahhaahahahhahahah… Thank you! for the feedback! Will you spend your life criticising? Please dnt. It’s too short for all this. I am not changing a thing coz of you… the negativity is gonna change you though. Take It easy guys… we live once. I donated my hair to make wigs for kids. Mine will grow back. Do whatever with your hair. It’s your hair. Not a big deal.”
Well that is definitely a very wise reason which needs the guts and a heart of an ‘Everesteer’ to do so. You go girl, Nisha!

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Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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