We Know You Don’t Care About Nepali Public, At Least Listen to These Global Idols

A middle class person buys a motorbike, reduces their other expenses to pay the monthly installments and one day, a group of people come and burn it. The same happens to the taxi driver who is just trying to earn a living for his family. A day laborer sleeps with empty stomach because they could’t work. A student who is the future of the nation can’t go to school. All these because a bunch of people decided that they would harass people saying that “it’s for their good only”. But seriously, what good do you see in all these?

They say ‘Bandh’ (strike) is for the sake of people and for their rights but name me one person (other than the corrupt politicians) who benefits from these strikes. Is this what ‘Naya Nepal’ looks like? If it is so, I don’t want a Naya Nepal. All I want is to work so that I can put food on the table for my family. Please let my children get education. Is these some impossible things I am wishing for? I am just tired of all these strikes just like 3 crore of my fellow Nepalese.

Yes, we know you don’t care for us. All you want is THE ‘Chair’. If not us, at least listen to these global icons.

mother teresa



dalai lama

These posters of the idols begging to stop strikes in Nepal are designed by Bidhan Rajbhandari for MakeWays. Please do share your views about the strikes in the comment section below.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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