Fresh Tunes: Aditya Lakhey’s “Bichod” Featuring Brijesh Shrestha

A fresh new R&B/Hip-Hop song titled ‘Bichod’ has been released. This is the first original single by Aditya Lakhey and features Brijesh Shrestha. You might remember Aditya from the remix version of ‘Timi Aaunu Malai Vetna’. As the title suggests, ‘Bichod’ portrays a sad moment when the lovers are getting far from each other. The song written and composed by Aditya is arranged by Brijesh.

The music video directed and edited by Mahen Shrestha features Asmita Shrestha and Alisha Kharel along with the singers. Watch the video below and do share your views about it.

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Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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