A Good Read: Aswini Koirala’s “Zuckerberg Cafe”

After the success of his first book ‘Ooni’, author Aswini Koirala is back with his second book titled ‘Zuckerberg Cafe’. The book published by Book Hill Publications is a collection of short stories and is all set to release on May 1st (Baisakh 15th).

Talking to NeoStuffs about his latest book, Koirala said, “The short story collection consists of 23 stories. The book is a good dose for the people in love, who have got heart-broken in love and the people who think about or experience love in some way. As the book is all about love, I would recommend all the lovers to read it. Various kinds and genres of books are published in Nepal but very few of them are able to touch the hearts of the youth and I believe that this book in particular will prove to do so. I am hopeful that people will read my book and give me feedback.”

The book cover designed by Subarna Humagain features Samjhana Niraula; and Mahesh Pradhan is the man behind the camera. You might have already guessed what the title ‘Zuckerberg Cafe’ stands for. Well, keep guessing and do not forget to grab your copy as soon it hits the book stands.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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