15 Favorite Dialogues of Every Nepali Parent

All the people are different from each other and so are the parents. But when we talk about Nepali parents, there are certain times and situations when all of them behave exactly the same way and surprisingly, they say the same thing. Sometimes it feels like there used to be a school of parenting and all of them graduated together from the same school.
We have made a list of 15 of the most common dialogues that we think every Nepali parent say in general. You must have heard them quite often while growing up or even today. Give them a read and let us know if they sound familiar to you or not.

#1. When they think their child is wasting money on useless stuffs.


“Paisa chinnu parcha ahile dekhi nai. Pachhi aafaile kamaune vayepachhi balla thaha pauchas.”

#2. They are just too passionate about having a ‘jwai’ or a ‘buhari’. Especially, this dialogue is
often heard by girls in their 20s.


“25 barsa ki vai saki ajhai bihe gardina vancha. Hoina sandhai bhari gharma nai basne ho ra?”


#3. They think it’s your phone which is stopping you from becoming the next Bill Gates. And well, it might be true. What say?


“Hoina kati TV/phone/laptop ma matra jhundeko? Kehi kaam garnu/padhnu pardena hai?”


#4. They instantly turn into a police officer and start interrogating when you tell them that you have a plan with your friends.


“Ko sang jane ho? Kaha ko ho? Keta ho ki keti?”


#5. No matter how much you ate outside, you gotta have the dinner at home anyway.


“Hoina khuru-khuru na khayera, kina khelirakheko khana sang?”


#6. It’s like the rent you gotta pay to live at your home.


“Aru kehi na gare pani, kamtima aafno kotha ta safa rakh na.”


#7. It’s a rule that they got to have a problem with at least one of your friends.


“Teo aghi aayeko tero jhapate sathi ko ho? Herdai gunda jasto.”


#8. They will always compare your life with theirs when they were your age.


“Tero umerko huda maile kamayera ghar chalauna thali sakeko thiye.”


#9. More comparisons!


“Her ta teo Bimala aunty ko chhori kati sarai gyani chha.”


#10. If you are out at night, they never take their eyes off the clock.

“Yahi ho tero ghar aaune samay? Dherai raati raati hidne hoina. Zamana ramro xaina.”


#11. Lecture on your studies is just never ending.

“Hoina hamro lagi padhdine ho ra? Aafnai lagi ta ho ni.”


#12. This one never goes out of fashion. No matter what kind of mistake you have committed,
you gotta be prepared for this one.

“Kati dukha garera, kati-kati kharcha garera padhayo, chhora/chhori vane yesto.”


#13. If they actually know this, then why do they even bother waste their energy on lecturing


“Maile vaneko ahile kaha bujhchas ra. Pachhi thaha pauchas.”


#14. Haircut? What are you talking about?


“Kapaal kateko re? Kaha kateko? Jasto ko testai dekhchu ta ma.”


#15. They hate your awesomeness, which they call ‘laziness’.


“Hoina kati sarai alchhi vayeko ho? Euta sinko ni bhachdaina.”


Sometimes listening to all of these things over and over again make you go….

Me just like..

But guess what? Everything they say or do is only because they love you unconditionally and selflessly. Believe me, they will sacrifice anything just to see you happy. Have you told them how much you love them lately? What are you waiting for??

Which one of these are you used to listen to very often? What other dialogues are most common according to you? Do share in the comment section below.

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