How Are K-Town Celebs Celebrating Dashain?

Greatest Nepalese festival ‘Dashain’ has officially kickstarted with ‘Ghatasthapna’. Most of the people have already planned what they are going to do during this amazing festival. So what have some of our K-Town celebrities got for this Dashain? Let’s find out.

Dashain is very valuable to me because it brings me in the festive mood. I mostly enjoy Dashain shopping discounts and getting together with family members. Also, this time around we have a lot of concerts so we get a chance to meet our fans personally and getting to know them on personal level is very inspiring and motivational. Happy Dashain 🙂




– Girish Khatiwada, Rapper


Dashain, a festival of sharing happiness, love, togetherness, joys, culture, tradition, holidays and lots of food. Always makes me nostalgic :). I’m celebrating it in Dharan with my family with the same old tradition and culture; blessings and cuisines!




– Malina Joshi , Miss Nepal 2011/Actress


Dashain means wonderful weather, good food, family, lots of laughter and fun. I have been working the year round, so Dashain is like a vacation for me. Most of my friends are traveling and I wish I could do the same , but as it is just my 2 and half years into marriage I have to stay back. So I will be going around putting Tika from family members and catching up with them. I don’t get to see them as much so this is the best opportunity.




– Malvika Subba, Miss Nepal 2002/ Actress/ Media Personality



Like everyone else, Dashain means a family time together for me but it also means a time for me to travel because if there is anything I like as much as acting and DJing, it’s travelling. I’ll celebrate this Dashain with my family. It’s been two years that I haven’t been with my family during Dashain because of busy schedules. I also have two gigs in Damak and Pokhara, so I’ll be travelling quite a lot as well. And of course, I’ll be taking a lot of pictures as that’s one of my other hobbies.




– Nikun Shrestha, Actor/DJ




Thinking about Dashain is a beautiful feeling already. That’s how I value it. However, at this age Dashain makes me nostalgic. The thoughts about it makes me happy and sad at the same time. It used to be joyful as a kid visiting all the Devi temples in Pokhara with friends. As a grown up man now, it’s not as fun perhaps because I am all by myself in a foreign land. It’d be a real Dashain for me had I been with my family and friends. So may be next year it’s gonna be more fun for me. It’s going to be a quiet one this year. But for ‘Bhai Tika’, I will be visiting my sister.

And wish you and all the readers of NeoStuffs a great Dashain ahead. May we all be bestowed with Mata Durga’s Blessings.

raj ballav



– Raj Ballav Koirala, Actor



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As a kid, Dashain was one of the most awaited festivals. I would prepare for my sky battle of kites with my special thread and apply home made magic thread (manjha) just few days before it officially kicks off. Weeks of kite flying, kite running, feast with family; Dashain used to be great but sadly I grew up! Dashain doesn’t excite me much anymore.

This Dashain I’ll be traveling with my camera for photo stories. I believe it’s the best time to see the colors of Nepal. Our country is such, that we make friends anywhere and everywhere and during Dashain, is the best time to see the country!




– Sahana Bajracharya, Miss Nepal Earth 2011/Media Personality


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Dashain to me is a celebration of childhood memories. It means taking time out from busy lifestyle and give some time to friends & family. Enjoy shopping, food & of course flying kites!

Normally in Sydney we don’t get to celebrate Dashain like we do in Nepal but this year Guthi Australia, a non profit organisation I’m affiliated with, is hosting Dashain Kite Festival. We have ordered Changa & Lattai from Nepal to celebrate like in Nepal to preserve our culture in Australia and share it with the next generation of kids that are born here in Australia.




– Sarun Tamrakar, Singer (The Uglyz)



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Dashain simply means happiness for me. I am going to celebrate it in Hong Kong with my family, relatives and friends. I just had a very busy shooting schedule, I am looking to have some relaxing time. Happy Dashain everyone!




– Sipora Gurung, Volleyball Player/Actress


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I will be in Pokhara during this Dashain. I will be celebrating it with my friends. There is also a dance party themed on my latest novel ‘Saya’, I am really looking forward to it. I would like to wish Happy Dashain to everyone.

subin bhattrai



– Subin Bhattarai, Author



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I will be working on my upcoming movie Hostel Returns this Dashain. The shooting is taking place in Butwal and so I will be here this whole time. My work always comes first for me.

sunil rawal



– Sunil Rawal, Producer/Actor



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I am in Mumbai right now and will be here during Dashain. I am going to celebrate it with some of my friends and relatives here.


sunil thapa



– Sunil Thapa, Actor



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Well Dashain is more about family reunion. I will be celebrating Dashain in Kathmandu with my family and probably will travel after ‘Tika’ as I am planning for a Nepal tour this time.





– Vinay Shrestha, Actor




NeoStuffs would like to wish all of our readers, supporters and well wishers a very Happy Dashain. God Bless!



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