Suraj and Sahana Were Not Caught In Any Inappropriate Act, Chitwan Police Clarifies

Many media houses have written about former Kantipur media persons Suraj Giri and Sahana Bajracharya (Miss Nepal Earth 2010) being caught by Chitwan Police making love in their car. The social media too is filled with this news but in a recent interview with Avenues TV, Prahari Nayab Uparikshak of Chitwan Police, Mr. Shanti Lal Koirala, cleared it that Suraj Giri was only found driving in a drunk state and was given a ticket for that but they were not found in any inappropriate situation.


This rumor and mistaken news has put a big question mark on certain media houses which are willing to write anything without any proofs just for more attention from the readers.



The official press statement by Sahana Bajracharya and Suraj Giri was released later,¬†which states that the two were returning to Kathmandu from Chitwan’s official visit when a tyre of the car got punctured in Taandi. Both of them were fixing the tyre when the police came there and checked if they had taken any amount of alcohol. The police ticketed Suraj after finding him that he had taken alcohol. But a weekly newspaper called Sanghu Saptahik twisted the news and spread the rumor.

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Here’s a very rough video from Avenues TV:


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