Sipora Gurung – Highest Paid Kollywood Actress

Sipora Gurung is the queen of volleyball court becuase of her dedication and love towards the sport. Even the major knee injury could not stop her from showing her magic in the court. She is also the queen of everybody’s hearts becuase of all the love and appereciation she recieves for the charities she does. And now she will be seen playing a role of a queen on the silver screen in and as “Yamphavati – The Princess”, her second movie. She will be getting an amount of Rs. Six Lakhs for her work, making her the highest paid actress in the Nepali Film Industry. Talking with NeoStuffs, she showed her happiness and said, “I am glad and feel honored that the team believed that I can carry such a historical and powerful character. I would give my hundred percent to do justice to this magnificient role.” When asked if she doesn’t feel it’s a huge payment for a month long project, “Either I do something with all my potential and dedication or I do not do it at all. I have been offered a lots of movies and music videos but let me confess, I am very choosy when it comes to such projects. Half a dozen of my movies would already have released so far if I accepted all the works but I only choose to work on the projects which touch my heart. And let me be frank, I do not work for less than I deserve”, she said. “People have always loved and supported me with all my works and I am hopeful in getting support for my this project as well”, she further added.

The film will be shot in Kori, a two days walking distance from Siklesh and the team left for the place on Wednesday. Sipora had debuted with ‘Ghalek’, a Nepali language movie based on Gurung culture.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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