“I am not a model” – Sipora Gurung


A national volleyball player, an actress and a social activist; Sipora Gurung does everything that makes her happy and which gives her genuine satisfaction. Her passion towards volleyball is not hidden from anyone. She has won numbers of awards and recognition for the great contribution towards Nepali volleyball. She won many hearts when she acted in a Gurung cultured Nepali movie ‘Ghalek’. She is the reason behind the smiles of hundreds of children because Sipora Gurungof the charities and donations she does and collects for them. In 2013, she took part in Miss Nepal and stood 3rd Runner Up along with the Miss Talent award for her beautiful dance performance. She endorses a number of products and being featured on television, newspapers and magazines is not a new thing for her. It’s almost every girl’s dream to be a cover girl and she became one for the Nepali-Australian magazine +977. So many achievements at such a young age, she truly is the pride of Nepal.

Sipora Gurung
Photo Courtesy: +977

Just like every other person, she likes to see herself on the newspapers and magazines too but there is one thing that bothers her, which is the tag of a ‘Model’. In her words, “I am not a model. I have never done a modelling project or walked on the ramp. I did take part in Miss Nepal but that doesn’t mean that only models take part in a beauty pageant or all the contestants automatically become models after taking part in one. I have endorsed some products and have been the cover girl of some magazines as well but still that doesn’t count me as a model. We do not call Roger Federer a model if he endorses a product or becomes the cover guy of a magazine. I have a huge respect for models and we have wonderful models in Nepal and it would be an injustice to them as well to call people models who are not exactly in the industry.”

Sipora Gurung
Photo Courtesy: Amar Thakuri

Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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