Ministry of Youth & Sports to Award Kshitij Raj Lohani

Kshitiz Lohani
About to execute the project

Kshitij Raj Lohani, a Nepali student studying Computer Engineering in Northeastern College in USA, made every single Nepali proud with his project ‘Krinjal Space’ in which he sent the national flag to space (Age of the Space), 80000 feet above and played the national anthem there for the very first time. It took him 17 months to prepare and complete the project. It was April 30, 2014 when the project was executed. The video of the project got viral all over the internet right after it was uploaded on youtube. He recieved thousands of messages from Nepali people all around the world congratulating and thanking him for executing that project so well. He returned to Nepal a couple of months ago and was honored by many institutions and organizations. But he hadn’t recieved any formal recognitions from the government yet but the Ministry of Youth and Sports recently announced to honor him with the award of Youth Talent of the year (Yuva Pratibha Puruskar). He will recieve a certificate along with a cash reward of Rs. 1 lakh on International Youth Day on August 12.

Honored by United Nepalese Student Organization (UNSO) in USA
Honored by United Nepalese Students Organization (UNSO) in USA

Yuvraj Paudel from Bara, Sanjay Pandit from Pyuthan, Krishu Chhetri from Jhapa and an organization for differently-abled people called ‘Yuva Apaang Sangathan Nepal’ in Kathmandu are too to be awarded along with Kshitij.

Talking exclusively with NeoStuffs, Kshitij expressed his joy on recieving the award. He dedicates the award to his family, friends and every single Nepali who have supported and loved him so much. He also expressed that he is surprised now that his body and mind were so patient and consistent to give 17 months for a single project. But he is very much satisfied and happy with the outcome as every Nepali is happy and proud of his work.

The Youth Talent Award is presented to the youths of age 16 to 40 who have done a revolutionary contribution in various fields for the progress and development of the nation.


Watch how Kshitij executed the Krinjal Space project:



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