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Trailer: ‘Bato’ Has ‘Wrong Turn’ Meets ‘The Hills Have Eyes’ Kinda Vibe

April 28, 2023

Give me a cheer if you watched ‘Wrong Turn’ on a VCD player in the early 2000s! Wait, why am …

I Watched the Film That Grossed Rs. 520 Last Year & I Deserve A Medal!

April 16, 2023

When the Film Development Board released the box office numbers of the films released last year in 2079 BS (2022-23), …

‘Jackie – I am 21’ Trailer: This Dance Drama Actually Looks Pretty Promising

April 14, 2023

Hollywood has Step Up, Bollywood has ABCD; and well, we we’re gonna have ‘Jackie – I am 21’. The trailer …

In Conversation With: Prakriti Shrestha

April 12, 2023

Prakriti Shrestha was one of the most promising new faces in Nepali cinema in the mid 2010s. Having debuted alongside …

Watch on Netflix: Hong Kong Nepali Actor’s Debut Film

April 1, 2023

Netflix is an ocean of movies and series; but yet, there are hardly (well, almost none) Nepali content on the …

Dude, they’ve got Sanket Mhatre dubbing for Hindi version of Prem Geet 3

April 11, 2021

If you watch Prem Geet 3 in Hindi (whenever it comes out), you would most probably wonder why Pradeep Khadka …



New Music From Bands: The Edge, Tumbleweed, Pariwartan, Sabin Rai & The Pharaoh, And More

June 9, 2023

Gen Z artists are talented, no doubt; and they are making good music but one thing they are not doing …

Young Lama Brings Together 4 Other Rappers For Nepali x English x Hindi x Tibetan Song Collab

June 6, 2023

The collab you didn’t see coming! Young Lama has dropped new track titled ‘Hollywood Dreams’. It has himself spitting bars …

Cobweb’s Videos Are the Kind of Content You (Happily) Pay Your Internet Bill For!

June 5, 2023

Legends! I will fight anyone who won’t agree with me when I say that Cobweb is the most legendary Nepali …

Rockheads Nepal Took 2 Years to Release a New Song & It’s Worth all the Wait!

June 4, 2023

If you still listen to ‘Ranga’ every once in a while; you, my friend — you have an amazing taste …

Hey There, Here’s A New Song For You to Keep on Repeat This Week!

June 3, 2023

If you don’t vibe to VZN songs; dude, why are you even paying your internet bill? The ‘Bhunte Ki Aaama’ …

6-Piece Rap Group ‘The Phoenix Mob’ Release Self-Titled Music Video

June 2, 2023

Y’all, The Phoenix Mob have released their first music video from the debut album ‘Rising Through The Ashes’. The rap …