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‘Red Monsoon’ Arrives on YouTube: Why is Nobody Watching this Film?

June 26, 2020

2014 was a pretty good year for Nepali cinema, I must say. I know majority of the films bombed at …

Fashion Photographer Sanjog Rai to Make Feature Directorial Debut With ‘Devi’

April 28, 2020

One of the most noted photographers in Nepali fashion scene, Sanjog Rai, is all set to make another big move …

Aneel Neupane’s Short Film ‘Thirsty’ is Now Streaming Online: Watch

April 2, 2020

Aneel Neupane: *release a new short film*Shirish Kunder: I kid! I kid!! The ‘Joker’ director only makes “original” films. Such …

VTEN’s Kickass ‘Sarauto’ Soundtrack is Here!

November 8, 2019

VTEN has lived some of the most shocking days of his lives recently. Good thing, the rapper is back at …

So, There’s Going to be a Nepali Remake of ‘Arjun Reddy’, ‘Kabir Singh’

July 7, 2019

A couple of days ago, somebody asked a question on a popular Facebook group wondering who the users think would …

Saruk Tamrakar’s Short Film Starring Shristi Shrestha is Your Dose of Horror

May 27, 2019

Saruk Tamrakar might not be an extremely popular actor (yet) but he sure is a talented one. His debut film …



Don’t Listen to ‘Pheri Bhet Na Hola’ If You Had a Breakup Recently

July 7, 2020

Dealing with a breakup is difficult and what makes it even worse is the heartbreak songs. Like seriously, never listen …

Inflame Band’s New Single ‘Legal Gangsters’ Addresses Police Brutality, Corruption

July 5, 2020

If you don’t take rap music seriously, I don’t really blame you. Some artists and songs might have given the …

Topi’s New Song is an Organ Transplant Story, Inspired by a Wonderful Person

July 3, 2020

Topi is one of my favorite Nepali indie bands. Wait, every band in Nepal is independent. I mean, there are …

Remixed: Nyano Ghar, Najeek, Phutki Jaane, Mari Jau, Lakhau Hajarau & More

July 3, 2020

Nothing beats an original. Period. But if you sometimes wonder how a well remixed version of your recent favorite song …

Yet Another Nepali-Origin Artist Blowing up in the USA

June 27, 2020

Man, it’s always so good to see Nepali talents getting recognized globally. Look at Arthur Gunn, I mean 2020 has …

‘Asar’ Playlist: Songs to Listen to on a Rainy Day (Or Whenever, Really)

June 24, 2020

Either you are a rain person or you’re not — there’s no in between. I am not. I hate in …