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VTEN’s Kickass ‘Sarauto’ Soundtrack is Here!

November 8, 2019

VTEN has lived some of the most shocking days of his lives recently. Good thing, the rapper is back at …

So, There’s Going to be a Nepali Remake of ‘Arjun Reddy’, ‘Kabir Singh’

July 7, 2019

A couple of days ago, somebody asked a question on a popular Facebook group wondering who the users think would …

Saruk Tamrakar’s Short Film Starring Shristi Shrestha is Your Dose of Horror

May 27, 2019

Saruk Tamrakar might not be an extremely popular actor (yet) but he sure is a talented one. His debut film …

‘Kagazpatra’ Trailer: Things People Do to Go to Australia

February 20, 2019

Just yesterday, journalist Rabi Lamichhane talked to Nepali students in Sydney on his show ‘Sidha Kura Janta Sanga‘. They had …

‘Summer Love’ Isn’t As Bad As The Lead Actor’s Expressions

February 11, 2019

With great confusion, I entered QFX Pokhara last Saturday. Confused ’cause I was there to watch ‘Summer Love’. Confused ’cause …

‘Panchayat’ is Nepal’s Official Entry to Oscars 2019

September 21, 2018

‘Panchayat’ has been selected as the official entry from Nepal in the category of ‘Foreign Language Film Award’ for the …



17-Year-Old Nepali Guy Has Been Directing Emiway’s Music Videos

November 6, 2019

At 16, he already had directed music videos for Nephop heavyweight Manas Ghale and the newest hiphop sensation Chirag Khadka …

Y’all, You Gotta Check This Version of ‘Phone Ko Number’ Out

October 16, 2019

Sushant KC might just read a grocery list and it would sound romantic anyway. Earlier this month in June, Sushant …

Sugam Pokharel’s New Music Video Will Make You Feel Old

October 1, 2019

‘Pheri Tyo Din’, ‘Kati Din Bitey’, ‘Samhalincha Kahile’, ‘Samjhanama Na Aau’ are among some of Sugam Pokharel’s songs that will …

Girish Pranil Getting Back Together on Kripa Unplugged

September 30, 2019

It’s really happening, you guys. GP fans have been waiting for the duo’s comeback since forever; and the wait is …

Young Lama Drops ‘Self Made’ Music Video

September 23, 2019

What we know about Young Lama – He raps and is based in the US. What we don’t know – …

“Maya Jo Sanga Ni Huna Sakcha, Maya Jasto Ni Huna Sakcha”

September 23, 2019

2019 has been quite a year in terms of LGBTIQ representation in pop culture. Sajjan Raj Vaidya’s ‘Hataarindai Bataasindai‘ music …